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CURRENT PROJECT: What is the role of conservation in a postcolonial museum? Does it allow cultural dialogue or perpetuate colonial violence?

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And here: Museum conservation between colonial violence and symbolic repair


“Tea, Textures, and Techniques: Jean-Etienne Liotard and the Arts of Asia,” In: Noémie Etienne, Claire Brizon, Chonja Lee, Etienne Wismer (ed.), Exotic Switzerland? Looking Outward in the Age of Enlightenment, Zurich, Diaphanes, 2020.

“Bodies, Spaces, and Artifacts. Montage and Reparation as Forms of History”, Kader Attia,  ex. cat. Musée cantonal des Beaux-Arts de Lausanne, Zurich, JRP Ringier, 2015, pp. 73-81.


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