Conference Speaker (Selection)



 Nov. 16 Zurich, ETH, “‘Faire une colonie suisse pour peupler quelque terre inhabitée’. Material Reminiscences of Global Entanglement during the Early Modern Period,” New Approach to Swiss Colonial and Global History, Conference paper.
 Nov. 8-9 Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum, “Rembrandt: Materiality and Temporality,” Rembrandt Conservation Histories, Conference paper.
 June 22 Versailles, Château de Versailles, “Liotard and the Pineapple. The Exotic in Geneva before 1800,” Ananas, le fruit roi, Conference paper.
 Feb. 19 New York, Bard Graduate Center, Exoticizing in the Enlightenment. A Global History of Switzerland in Objects,” Brown Bag Lunches Serie.
 Jan. 18 Brussel, Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage (KIK/IRPA), “Edited Objects. A Material Reception of Lacquer,” in European Lacquer in Context, Conference Paper.


 Sept. 21 Cambridge, Cambridge University, “Unfolding the Specimen. Displays and Dioramas,” in Collections, Displays & The Agency of ObjectsConference Paper.
 July 10 Lausanne, Université de Lausanne, “La reproduction par contact: des corps et des objets dans les dioramas à New York, 1900,” in Les tableaux vivants, contre-modèles de la reproductibilité technique?, International Association of Word and Image Studies, Conference Paper.
 March 10 Lausanne, Université de Lausanne, “Des praticiens frontières. Art, artisanat et anthropologie aux Etats-Unis, 1900,” in “Petites mains” d’artistes dans les pratiques scientifiques, Conference Paper.
 March 3 Paris/Ecouen, Musée Cognac-Jay/Musée de la Renaissance, “Assembling Asia. Asiatic Lacquers and French Furnitures in the 18th Century,” in Nomadic Objects. Material Circulations, Appropriations, and the Formation of Identities in Early Modern EuropeConference Paper.
 Feb. 20 New Haven, Yale University, “Crafting Authenticity in Arthur Parker’s Dioramas,” Art History Department, Lunchtime Talk with Ruth Phillips.noemieetienneruthphillips


 Dec. 1 Bern, University of Bern, “Native American Dioramas in New York, 1900,” in Seeing Through? The Materiality of DioramasConference Paper.
 Oct. 21 Florence, Kunsthistorisches Institut – Max-Planck-Institut, “Life-Casts, Relics, and Human Remains. The Return of Museum Tools,” in What do Contentious Objects Want?, Conference Paper.
Oct. 14 Berlin, Technishe Universität, “Unformal Market: Fayolle’s Cabinet and his Private Networks (1750-1800),” in All the Beauty of the World. The Western Market for non-European Artifacts, Conference paper.
Oct. 12 Berlin, Humboldt University, Cluster of Excellence “Image Knowledge Gestaltung“, Workshop.
Sept. 28 Geneva, University of Geneva, Actualité de la Recherche, Guest Lecture.affiche-noemie
Sept. 5 Geneva, University of Geneva, “Epistemic Images: Diorama, Science, and Resistance,” in Apparatuses of Simulation: From the 19th Century to the Present, Conference paper.
Jan. 29
New York, New York University, “Native American Objects at Versailles,” in Versailles in the World, Conference paper.


Nov. 30
Los Angeles, Getty Research Institute, “The Materiality of Dioramas. Art and Craftsmanship in the Contact Zone,” Research Presentation.
April 6 Baltimore, Johns Hopkins University, “Objects and Modes of Existence,” Invited Lecture.
April 3
New York, Columbia University, “From Sgraffio to Graffiti: Archeology of a Gesture in the Early Modern Period,” Session Chair.
March 20
Boston, Nineteenth Century Studies Association, “Manufacturing Authenticity: Clothes and Craft in Anthropological Dioramas (New York, 1900),” Conference paper.


June 20 Paris, Ecole Normale Supérieure, “Touching the Specimens: Art and Anthropology, New York, 1900,” in Matérialité de l’art à l’âge patrimonial, Conference paper.


Dec. 7 New York, Institute of Fine Arts, “Conservation and Art History: Shared Histories,” Conference paper. Watch online.
Oct. 10 New York, Institute of Fine Arts, “Does Conservation challenge Art History? Diderot, Goethe and the Materiality of Artworks,” Invited lecture.
Does Conservation challenge Art History.pdfNoemieEtienneNYU.png


Dec. 13 Leiden, the Leiden University Center for the Arts and Humanities, “The Living Objects. Cross-cultural Conservation, Artefacts and Art History,” in Presence and Agency, Annual Conference of LUCAS, Conference paper. Living Objects.pdf
 Nov. 17 London, Courtauld Institute, “From the Wall to the Museum: Material and Symbolic Transformations of Paintings in Paris in Eighteenth Century,” in Arts and its Afterlife, Fourth Early Modern Symposium. From the Wall to the Museum.pdf


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